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Working with the Right General Agency: Take Advantage of the Benefits 

Your choice of General Agency (GA) to work with has a huge impact on your success.

It’s vital that you know how to choose the GA that’s best for you and that you know how to take advantage of all the benefits available to you.

The prosperity of your insurance business may hang on the General Agency with which you decide to align yourself.

We’ve gathered these must-read articles to give you all the info you need to find a General Agency that will meet your needs!

Insurance Agents: How to Use Your Connection With Your General Agency to Your Advantage

Face-to-face interaction is important. The relationship that develops with your local General Agency can help you to grow a successful insurance business. This kind of connection used to be the only way to do business, but it’s no longer the norm – especially for General Agencies that are nationally based. Take advantage of your ability to talk through your business challenges over lunch!



How to Use Your General Agency to Place Policies, Win Clients and Look Like a Big Deal (VIDEO)

Working with a GA that cares about your success and helps you to wow your clients is invaluable. Check out this clip of David sharing how he was able to land a deal with a big client who was almost lost to another agent! Leisure Werden & Terry gave David the help he needed to close the case!


How to Choose a Great Brokerage General Agency

The GA you work with can make you or break you. Make sure they have the right expertise and experience, that they have an area of specialization, and that you can have access to their help when you need it. It’s also important that your GA will work toward making a connection with you and that they’re even willing to meet with your clients if it benefits you. When you clarify these expectations from the beginning, your relationship will be advantageous for you and the General Agency.


How General Agencies Differ (and Yes! It Matters!)

When it comes to something as important as your life sales, not just any General Agency will do. There are key differences that set the great ones apart from the good ones. One area in which you want the General Agency you work with to excel is training. A great General Agency will also have the resources to offer you hands-on sales support, and they’ll have the expertise to accelerate the processing of your client’s case.


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