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4 Life Insurance Sales Tips You Won’t Want to Forget [Video]

Best Life Insurance Sales Tips

  • Learn how to serve high-profile clients
  • Sell Return-of-Premium Term Life
  • Find success with Universal/Indexed Universal Life
  • Avoid life insurance sales mistakes

Never stop learning.

It’s the key to staying at the top of your game.

Training and education are crucial for you as a life insurance producer. It’s the best way to keep up with the latest trends in your industry and give your clients the products and services that meet their needs.

This video gives you life insurance sales strategies – from experts – that have proven successful with real clients in actual situations.

Watch the video now and learn valuable tips to increase your placed cases.


Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn when you watch this informative video that covers four life insurance concepts designed to drive new sales

Life Insurance Sales Tips

1. Learn How To Serve High-Profile Clients

The first thing that you’ll need to remember when working with affluent clients is that privacy is a big issue.

Do your research. When you’re working with a high-profile actor or successful athlete, you’ll be able to find a fair amount of information online.

Many of these well-known personalities will be working through a business manager, so you’ll also need to learn to be savvy when dealing with them.

There are a lot of intricacies that go along with dealing with clients who are in the public eye, and this video goes into detail about the right way to meet their needs.

You don’t usually get a second chance with high-profile clients so it’s imperative that you don’t make tactical mistakes.

2. Sell Return-Of-Premium Term Life

Your clients need to understand that they are guaranteed to get back 100% of the premiums they paid for this type of policy, so they know they don’t have to die to get their benefit at the end of the term.

It’s not only making your clients understand, it’s also important that you know how to present it to them, highlighting the benefits so that it’s attractive to them.

The video gives you actionable advice on how to approach clients and talk with them about Return of Premium Term Life Insurance.

3. Find Success With Universal/Indexed Universal Life

You may be hesitant to get your feet wet in the Indexed Universal Life pool.

In just five minutes, this video gives you some compelling reasons as to why you shouldn’t be afraid to jump right in.

It also offers you some help and guidance as you take the plunge.

If you’re already selling this type of policy, there’s also help for you to learn more and improve your tactics.

Wherever you are, there are tools and educational materials that will give you some help along the way.

4. Life Insurance Sales Mistakes To Avoid

In your quest for success, there are some common sales mistakes that others are making and you can steer clear from.

The video describes these five mistakes as:

  • Not seeking out training.
  • Not being prepared with the right questions for client meetings.
  • Inadequate field underwriting.
  • Not managing the client’s expectations.
  • Not asking for referrals or favorable introductions.

Take advantage of the resources available to keep you from making these blunders.

Stay Informed To Close Sales And Grow

Make sure that you’re educated about the issues that are important to your clients and that affect your sales success.

You can trust this valuable life insurance sales advice that comes from experts who have seen positive results with these strategies.

At Leisure Werden & Terry, we’re here to help you with the technology, training, and support you need to grow your life insurance business. Give us a call today!

Originally published 11/17; Updated 3/21

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