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How to Use Your Life General Agency to Your Advantage

You know how important it is for your clients to have face-to-face interaction with you.

But I bet you’re also craving that kind of connection  –  with your General Agency.

General Agencies who only work on a national scale don’t typically have the ability to meet with many of their insurance producers.

It’s just not feasible.

Remember, that’s one of the benefits that YOU offer clients as an independent agent.

But have you ever thought about how a personal connection with your General Agency can benefit you, individually as an insurance producer, and ultimately, your clients?

Here’s the problem

Technology has a way of sterilizing relationships. While technology has its benefits to be sure, there’s no better vehicle for driving your business than face-to-face meetings.

Think about it: Don’t you prefer to visit with your best friends and other relationships in person, rather than over text or the phone?

Sure, technology helps you stay in touch when you can’t get together, but it can’t replace how face-to-face interactions help you diver deeper and really connect.

Why connection is important

When you’re connecting in person, these meetings then complement all of the other types of interaction that occurs, such as those you make through technology.

It forms the foundation for future interactions.

In the old days, and I put myself at risk by saying "old days," in-person was the only way to do business.

Now, it's the exception rather than the rule.

But perhaps face-to-face meetings should be more of a rule.

Being right in front of someone helps you to read people and creates more opportunities to connect.  

You just can’t get this kind of “connection” with nationally-based life insurance General Agencies.

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Your General Agency advantage

How to get the most out of your life insurance General Agency

Take advantage of the opportunity to make face-to-face connections with your General Agency.Your life insurance business will thrive and you’ll place more cases with the personalized problem-solving help.

Regional and local shops, however, facilitate much more of this kind of interaction.

In fact, we have always relied on and prioritized that face-to-face connection.

We look at it as one of the most important activities we can do.

Because we’re local, visiting our customers requires just a short drive. We’re always one lunch appointment or one coffee meeting away. (In fact, simply stop our office if you’re in the neighborhood!)

I believe, if you took a poll, you would find that most insurance agents do want to know the people that they work with at the General Agency level  –  and many of them would have face-to-face relationships already established.

There’s a hunger for someone to pay attention to you – take you to lunch, coffee, a ball game, etc.

Because it’s that relationship that will help you build a thriving insurance business and place more cases.

The bottom line is your General Agency can and should do a lot to propel your success.

If you’ve been feeling the pangs of going without face-to-face interaction, it’s time to work with a GA that will meet you for lunch, listen to your business challenges, and help you come up with solutions.

And when you're as cool as we are, you’ll just want to be around us!

Do you take advantage of face-to-face time with your local General Agency?

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