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Understand Your Life Insurance Prospects to Close the Deal 

Life insurance doesn’t sell itself.

As an insurance producer, you need the skills and strategies to nurture leads, educate your prospects, and guide them to an understanding of why they need your services.

One way you can accomplish all of this is by having a firm grasp on what the product is that you’re offering. Know all the ins and outs in order to convey the information to your potential customers.

The other key piece is understanding where your prospects are coming from. When you know what they don’t know, you’re better able to meet them where they’re at and show them how your solutions meet their needs.

Check out these articles that can help you have greater success as you work with prospects.

5 Creative Ways to Nurture Leads That Aren’t Ready to Buy

You can safely figure that about half of your leads aren’t ready to buy. Instead of cutting them loose, you can nurture them all the way to a sale. You need to provide value to each individual with targeted content and vary your approach by reaching out through multiple mediums. Nurturing a prospect means you have to be in for the long haul, keeping in frequent contact. Forego the generic email blasts and send out content that is personalized to get better results. The 5 tips laid out in this article will give you the best chance of successfully turning a prospect into a client.


Is Your Life Insurance Sales Process Helping or Hurting Your Business?

If your sales process doesn’t put the customer first, focus on the best prospects, and provide them with relevant solutions, you’re not helping your business. It’s important that you are able to tell the difference between a “bad” customer and one that is serious about your services. Prioritize your ideal customer in order to streamline your sales efforts. It’s easier to shift your focus from volume to quality when you’re customer-centric. The right prospects will notice and will feel comfortable placing their trust in you.


How to Educate Your Life Insurance Prospects

Many people will shy away from talking about life insurance because talking about death is uncomfortable. The way to reach your prospects is to educate them about the benefits of purchasing insurance now, as opposed to some unknown date in the future. Gently guide them into considering what would happen if the main breadwinner in the family were to pass away suddenly. Help them see that procrastinating and gambling on their future is never going to have positive results. You don’t have to resort to scare tactics when you focus on education.


How to Sell Life Insurance Policies

The key to selling life insurance policies is understanding where the consumer is coming from. You need to know what his concerns are and the misconceptions that he’s believing to be true. For example, one of the most common myths is that life insurance is too expensive. Once you grasp your client’s perspective you can do your job – helping the consumer understand the benefits of purchasing a life insurance policy. Once you’ve done that, selling is easier.

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