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1 Social Media Strategy For Life Insurance Producers to Amp Up Sales

You’ve created a profile on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn – or all of them.

Maybe you’ve even started posting.

But you have this sneaking suspicion that you just don’t fit in.

Well, get this: The social media world isn’t like junior high.

You WILL be accepted, but you need to know how to speak the language.

The Social Media Strategy That Works

Here are some of the acronyms and abbreviations you’ll be glad you know how to use them yourself, and understand when you see them in articles and posts.


A “direct message” that only you and the recipient can see.


A “modified “tweet.” This is the name for resharing a tweet that you’ve changed in some way. For example, you might need to shorten the text to fit in a URL.


A “private message” is also not visible to the entire social media universe, and can include a direct message. Generally, this is any kind of one-on-one message that takes place.


A “retweet” happens when you publish someone else’s Tweet without modifying any of the text.


“Business to business,” or when one company sells to another.


“Business to consumer,” or when one company sells to individual consumers.


An abbreviation for social media “community manager.” This person acts as an ambassador for their brand, listening to social conversations and connecting with users to promote the company.


A “content management system,” which is a tool that helps you with scheduling, editing or publishing content on the internet.


“Cost per click,” or the amount you will pay to advertise when a person clicks on your ad.


“Cost per thousand impressions, or views” – as opposed to clicks.


“Conversion rate,” or the people who take the action, divided by the number of people who don’t.


Your post’s “call to action,” asking the user to do something specific, like “Get Your Free Ebook,” or “Get a Quote.”


“Key performance indicator,” or the way you will measure your business goals.


The “return on investment” in your marketing campaign.


User generated content,” for example, a blog post or photo that social media or blog followers create and that you use as a post.


“Email service provider,” or the company that you use to send emails.


“Really simple syndication,” or a feed that houses all of your posts from a blog.


“Search engine optimization,” a form of search engine marketing. For example, your social media posts help boost SEO so your website ranks higher on search engine results pages.


“Photo of the day,” a hashtag you can use to highlight a photo-image only.


“Throwback Thursday,” a hashtag you can use to highlight photos.

Use These “Letters” to Draw Attention to Your Life Insurance Business

With a knowledgeable base of acronyms and abbreviations to use in your marketing strategy and social posting schedule, you’ll be talking the talk, and walking the walk, attracting social media users to your brand. 

Oh, here's one last one that everyone should know.....LWT!

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Updated 6/2021

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