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How-Tos of Life Insurance Sales: Brush Up on Carrier Knowledge [Video]

To stay at the top of your game, you have to be constantly training.

You can’t effectively sell John Hancock life insurance – one of the top life carriers around  –  to your clients if you don’t have a total understanding of the ins and outs of what their products and services have to offer.

Your clients place a certain amount of trust in you.

They understand that life insurance is something they need, but a lot of the time, that’s all they know! They expect that you’ll be able to fill in the details and connect the dots for them.

In this video, you’ll find out how to avoid ruining that confidence they place in you by being unprepared with incomplete or erroneous information.

When you have a grasp of John Hancock life insurance, you’ll be able to explain to your clients why it’s a great fit for their unique situation.

This includes information like:

  • The products and services that John Hancock offers.
  • John Hancock’s website and online tools.
  • The reasons that John Hancock is a better life carrier for them than another company.
  • Their strong commitment to life insurance.

Watch the video now to get a firm grasp on John Hancock Life Insurance and which of your clients it’s best for.

Keep reading below the video for a summary.


The video covers a wide range of information about John Hancock as a company and their life insurance offerings. You’ll learn about:

  • John Hancock’s financial strength
  • Their broad product portfolio
    • The Vitality program, which encourages a healthy, active lifestyle by offering participants lower premiums
  • Underwriting expertise
  • Sales support
  • Advanced market support
  • Regional Support

Then, the video dives into John Hancock’s financial rating, their product portfolio, and a competitive comparison.

Plus, you’ll learn the underwriting sweet spots, like:

  • Innovative Concepts
  • Impressive Capacity and Retention
  • Flexible Process

Finally, you’ll get a look at John Hancock’s advance markets groups:

  • A team of attorneys and consultants
  • Advanced sales planning and support

For more information about offering John Hancock’s life insurance solutions to your prospects and clients, get in touch!


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