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Sales Tips for Life Insurance Producers: How to Sell to Grandparents (VIDEO)

Grandparents desire the best for their grandchildren.

You can show them how to leave behind a great legacy AND care for their family with a life insurance policy – with a premium that's locked in!

That’s a guarantee they can take to the bank!

This video explains how life insurance can be the vehicle to help their grandkids in a way that really brings value, like:

  • Giving them a good financial start in life.
  • Providing them with money to buy a house.
  • Offering them a way to pay off student debt.
  • Or just helping them out with everyday life.

Watch the video now and keep reading after for the full video transcript. 


Why Grandparents Need Life Insurance

Grandparents. What do you think they think about when the topic is their grandkids? 

Probably their safety, their happiness, and getting a good education. But in addition to that, many grandparents also think about what they will leave their grandkids and how they'll be remembered. 

Most grandparents have a special place in their hearts for their grandkids and even their own children, sometimes. Leaving something for grandkids is a natural desire because Grandma and Grandpa want to help them and also leave a lasting legacy. 

So, what are some of the things they could leave? Well, how about a good financial start in life? Money to buy a house? Maybe some money to eventually pay off student debt or just help out with everyday life. 

And guess where a great place is to find the money to accomplish all this? Yep, the answer is life insurance. 

With life insurance, you can show Grandma and Grandpa how to create leverage in order to leave their grandkids a lasting legacy, and it only takes pennies on the dollar. 

We're not necessarily talking about millions of dollars. Even a $100,000 or $250,000 policy might be just the right amount. It would make a wonderful legacy for any grandparent, and, because most grandparents like safe places to put their money, you can show them how to lock in the premium in the face amount that's guaranteed forever. 

And, like a lot of people do, they can pay it in a lump sum or in limited payments. The fact is, those guarantees are something grandparents really appreciate because life insurance will give them the assurance that their gift will be there for their grandkids. To any grandparents who want to create a legacy by giving their grandkids a great start in life, give one of the Leisure Werden & Terry sales associates a call and let's design something that they can be remembered by. 

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