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A Really Quick Way to Increase Life Insurance Sales

It’s not a secret.

If you want to sell more life insurance, you generally need to be more efficient with your time.

But if you’re on the road meeting with clients, networking at events and traveling for a conference, it can be a challenge to manage your business.

With a little savvy, you can turn your mobile device into a productivity-enhancing machine, helping you increase your insurance sales.

So get out your smartphone and download a few of these productivity apps.

1. Insurance Agent

There’s nothing like having your trusty smartphone with you at all times AND have it work to your advantage.

With the Insurance Agent app, you’ll have a mobile database at your fingertips.

The app tracks clients, carriers, products and contacts and, you can use it on your iPad, tablet or smartphone.

Its key advantages are that you can manage contacts and carriers, see client and prospect records, easily search for information, record new appointments, manage payments and claims, and create policies.

You can also use it to keep track of sales, premiums and commission stats.

2. Insurance Agent ON GO

(Access the Android app here. Access the Apple app here.)

This app tracks customer sales and services on your tablet or smartphone.

You can also use it without an internet connection – a key advantage when you’re on-the-go and want to save on cellular data.

The interface allows you to search for clients, quotes, policies, events or claim data, as well as delete, update or add data.

The secure app makes exporting or transferring files a breeze.

Get innovative and use the app to create templates, or save audio, photos, video or documents to send to clients. With its computing capabilities, you can get instant updates on balances or amounts due.

Schedule appointments or events and the app will send an SMS, email or phone call reminder to your clients.

It’s like having a virtual assistant with you at all times to help you close more insurance sales!

3. CamCard

Go to networking events with confidence when you have the CamCard app by your side.

Instead of trying to keep track of paper cards, just take a picture of the card and the app does the rest. Then, you can exchange business cards with other people who have the app, add a reminder or note to your contacts, and get updates when contacts change their information.

Use the contact information for navigation purposes, and manage all your contacts in one place!

4. Zoom

Start a meeting from anywhere, anytime, with Zoom.

The app lets you join a meeting via video or phone, and it’ll alert you to upcoming meetings.

You can share documents in the meetings, or share your screen to easily walk prospects through a presentation.

Add this app to your life insurance sales strategies and streamline your processes.

5. Adobe Fill & Sign

Simplify the paperwork shuffle and increase life insurance sales with the Adobe App.

Simply scan a document into the app using your camera phone and then send to prospects, who can then easily tap a field and digitally sign the document.

The tools to sell more life insurance

Whether you’re trying to lessen your paperwork load, manage business cards, or tracking sales, keep everything under control can with these handy, comprehensive tools, you’ll get on the productivity track and sell life insurance effectively.

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