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Protective Life: Flexibility & Freedom Clients Will Love [Video]

Getting to the bottom of what your clients actually need is vital.

It’s a plus when you can offer them something that’s customizable for their unique situation.

Protective Life offers flexibility and freedom that are different from other life carriers.

Watch the video to find out why you should be offering this core protection product to your clients.

Keep reading below for a summary of the video.


It's important for you to understand Protective's Custom Choice UL so that you can share the many benefits with your prospects and clients.

Here's why term life insurance isn't always the best choice.

  • Shocking rise in premiums after the level term period.
  • Limited policy options for conversion to a permanent plan.
  • Grace period is only 30 days.
  • Policy fee is generally excluded before your commission calculation.
  • There are limited options to customize coverage.

These are the reasons Protective Custom Choice UL is a better option.

  • Affordable, level premiums after level death benefit period, if your client still wants coverage.
  • There are several policy options available for evidence-free exchange to a permanent plan.
  • 61-day grace period.
  • Fees are included in your commission calculation, offering an opportunity for higher compensation.
  • Options to customize coverage with income streams for beneficiaries.
  • It can be used for 1035 exchanges.

The bottom line is that you have to look at traditional term and Custom Choice UL to determine the pros and cons and decide on what's best for each client.

One more benefit of Protective is the TeleLife EZ-App easy application system. (It functions much like a Drop Ticket.)

It saves massive amounts of time and allows you to do what you do best – prospecting, talking to clients, and engaging.

The process is quick and simple from the producer's end. All you have to do is complete a pre-application with basic, high-level information. It can be done over the phone and doesn't require a signature.

Protective takes over from there, all while giving you status updates throughout the whole process.

Does offering a customized policy help you to sell Protective Life?

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