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Perks of Aligning With the Right Life Insurance General Agency [Video]

How will a life insurance General Agency help me sell more insurance?

The right life insurance General Agency can save you time and money by offering the right tools that help, for example, eliminate the need to fill out stacks of paperwork.

Every insurance agent loves filling out stacks of paperwork, right?

That used to be what you had to endure every time you got appointed with a new life carrier.

Your General Agency would send you a new stack of papers to complete every time – because they didn't have a choice. Neither did you.

It took a ton of your precious time and in the life insurance biz, time is money.

Well guess what? When you're affiliated with LWT, we make it so much easier because we have the right tools and support to help you eliminate paperwork!

Our process is simple – you only have to fill out one professional profile to work with us and our life carriers.

Check out this video to learn more about our streamlined system designed to save you time, so you can spend it on more productive things – like selling!

After watching, you can keep reading for the full video transcript.


You know, it wasn't very long ago when, if you wanted to get appointed with a carrier to sell life insurance, you had to contact a General Agency in order to fill out the paperwork for that carrier. But you had to fill out a similar stack of papers for every insurance carrier you wanted to represent: four companies, four sets of paperwork. Talk about killing trees! That could take hours and hours of your valuable time, but that's just the way it was in a paper world. 

The good news is, things have changed and we've made it so much easier. Now, if you want to sell life insurance for one or many different carriers, you just need to get affiliated with LWT. It's as simple as completing a one-time professional profile in our online system, and the convenient news is that once you set up your profile, anytime you need to get appointed with a life carrier to sell their products, we’ll simply check the appropriate carrier block and you'll be on your way without going through brand new stacks of paperwork. 

It's easy, it's convenient, and it's quick. We want you to get affiliated with LWT and, of course, we'd never ask you to sign a contract with us. Just get affiliated, which means the insurance carrier pays you your compensation directly and you are in control. 

That's the way it should be and that's the way we do it. 

Ready to get affiliated with us? It's easy: Just click on the link you see on the screen to start the process and you'll save a few trees while you're at it. We're looking forward to having you on board and thanks for watching.

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