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Life Insurance Producers: Here Are 7 Digital Tactics to Elevate Your Referral Process

How Life Insurance Producers Can Get More Referrals

  1. Sign off emails with your referral program info.
  2. Follow your traffic.
  3. Link referral information on several prominent spots on your website.
  4. Send an email blast.
  5. Ask for a referral on your forms.
  6. Get the word out via text.
  7. Use social media as proof.


Any life insurance producer worth his best golf club knows that they’re one of the keys to building a thriving business.

Whether you have a formal referral program or not, you may be struggling to get the word out – and to convince others to get the word out about you.

Let’s think about what a referral actually means, though. It means that you provided a solution for your client, and they’re so happy about it that they decided to recommend you to their friend, family member, successful businesswoman, dentist, or a stranger on the street. 

You get the picture – you provided great service and it’s paying off.

Add that to the fact that 92% of people (according to Nielsen) trust a word-of-mouth recommendation and you can see why you need to take steps to make sure your referral process is set up to get maximum value.

Here are seven ways savvy life insurance producers like you can take their referral game to the next level.

Referral Tips for Life Insurance Producers


1. Sign Off Emails With Your Referral Program Info

Put information about making referrals in your email signature with all the other important info that lives there, like a link to your website, phone number, and fax number.

Even if you don’t have an actual “program,” you can still provide the information necessary should your satisfied clients want to share your great service.

2. Follow the Traffic

Think about all the avenues you have set up that bring in traffic. Make sure that each of them has a reminder to refer you, as well as a link for your program if you have one.

That includes your social media sites, your blog conclusions, and any other online listings you have. 

3. Link it on Your Website

At this point, it probably goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: Put a link to your referral program in several prominent places on your website.

The link can be included in the header, footer, on your navigation menu, etc. The idea is to make sure the referral CTA is always visible for your website visitors.

4. Send an Email Blast

Periodically send out an email to your current clients with the sole purpose of asking for referrals

Make sure the copy is engaging and include an image. (If you feel it’s appropriate, a humorous meme or gif can set the right tone. Most people will be surprised and delighted that they have a life insurance producer with a sense of humor!)

5. Ask For a Referral on Your Forms

Put a spot on your online forms that requests the name of another person who may need life insurance. 

Obviously, don’t make that field required. But it will at least get your client/prospect thinking about who they could refer.

6. Get the Word Out Via Text

What device do your prospects/clients use the most? Yes, their cell phones.

Meet them where they’re at (a LOT) and send out a mass text to those people you think would be good candidates for a referral. 

7. Use Social Media as Proof

Use your social media platforms to spotlight clients who have been working with you for a while and give them a virtual pat on the back for being loyal. 

Of course, it’s the perfect opportunity to throw your referral program (or information) in there.

Put These Digital Tactics to Work for You

Getting referrals is one business-growing strategy that every life insurance producer needs to put into play.

When you begin implementing these suggestions, you’ll start to see your referrals climb.

Your biggest fans will be glad for the opportunity to easily share their satisfaction with their family and friends.

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