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Life Insurance Producer Best Practices to Grow Your Business (Video)

Some life insurance producers seem to have a “magic” touch.

But the truth is, they know – and follow – some best practices that help them retain clients, get new ones and develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Watch the video to find out why some life insurance producers are more successful than others and how you can have that magic touch, too.



Best Practices for Growing Your Life Insurance Business

After so many years in business, we’ve started to notice a pattern with the successful life insurance producers.

These best practices can be segmented into two areas: sales and processes.

Life Insurance Producer Best Practices: Sales

  • Successful producers are always educating themselves. They’re always hungry for knowledge, whether it’s attending meetings, webinars or public events, looking to get an edge, gain additional value or information that will help them in their sales.
  • They have a focus on keeping up with current trends, products and underwriting.
  • They do the activities that are going to lead to future opportunities.
  • They consistently do policy reviews.
  • Successful life insurance producers have a great client management system. 
  • They network with third-party influencers like estate planning attorneys, CPAs, wealth managers, etc. All these people have clients with life insurance needs, they just want someone they can trust to facilitate the process.
  • They build referrals.
  • They prospect by being active in their communities.
  • They have a social media presence, especially on LinkedIn.
  • Successful life insurance producers have great websites.

Life Insurance Producer Best Practices: Processes

  • They’re just as tuned in to what happens after the sale. 
  • They do a great job of field underwriting by getting some more insight to their clients. Their General Agency can help with this, too.)
  • Their applications are always in good order. Successful producers understand that little things can hold up cases. They’re also known to submit cover letters with applications.
  • They’re not afraid to ask the right questions of their clients and explain to them why the information is important. 
  • Successful producers understand that when you’re bogged down with tasks that could have been avoided, you have less time to sell.

Finally, successful life insurance producers have fun. They give off good energy and they remain optimistic.

If you’d like help putting these best practices into action for your life insurance business, give us a call and let’s talk!

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