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Life Insurance Marketing: How to Grow Your Business

Like it or not, your success depends a lot on your life insurance marketing. What you do and how you do it has an impact on your prospects and customers – and whether or not they stay with your practice.

Life insurance marketing: Messaging matters

Your marketing strategy needs to bridge the gap after the sale and speak your customer’s language, so you can boost each customer’s lifetime value.

The message you deliver will either help or hinder these relationships. Not convinced?

Spam, or pushy sales content no longer attracts consumers. In fact, it will most likely push them away from your business.

That hard sell may get initial attention, and even prompt people to open the envelope or email, but it does nothing to nurture a long-term relationship with customers.

And therein lies the problem.

You’re doing the same things in the same ways, always in search of new customers because you can’t retain them.

Don't disregard loyalty

The insurance producers who really build revenue and wealth are the ones that focus on building and strengthening relationships with customers so they become LOYAL.

Sure, you need to continuously attract new customers, but don’t neglect the value of loyal customers.

Wouldn’t you want to move more of your customers from just wanting quotes to the point where they couldn’t imagine working with anyone else? That’s a loyal customer who is worth more than their weight in gold.

This relationship is also what will set your insurance business apart from digital-only competitors, who only have convenience to offer. Convenience isn’t always suitable.

Loyalty is the golden standard for your business, as this customer will deliver a lot more value, such as:

  • 250 percent more referrals.
  • 97 percent of these customers renew their policies.
  • 25 percent buy more insurance.

Overall, you’ll get seven times more value from these loyal clients than you will from customers who aren’t.


How to build connections

How to build connections with life insurance marketing

  1. Communicate more often
  2. Broadcast quality messages

There are two things you can do to make the right kind of connection with customers and build quality relationships.

1. Communicate more often.

Consider that 60 percent of consumers believe that they don’t get any communications from their agent once the policy is sold. Closing this divide means communicating more.

2. Broadcast quality messages.

Typically, marketing automation systems have depended on creating one broad message and delivering it to everyone on your list. This strategy no longer works, because consumers demand personalized messages and meaningful content.

That just means you have to work a little bit harder at crafting messages.

When creating messaging, ask yourself if the content will help build the relationship, if it offers the customer value, or if it builds a sense of loyalty. If it doesn’t, it’s not worth distributing.

You couldn’t do this kind of marketing manually, or through old-school methods. It would be too time consuming and costly. But today you can, with the right kind of automated life insurance marketing.

For example: Craft your email messages and then pop them into an email marketing automation system that lets you segment your customer list into various demographics or buying stages. You create the messages once, analyze the results, and then tweak the messages.

Life insurance marketing is about relationships

With personalized, quality messages, you’ll build relationships  – and that’s always been where your strength lies. It’s a quality that big-box and digital competitors can’t offer, and it’s where your insurance business will shine.

Where does your business struggle with automating marketing? Do you prioritize building loyal customers?

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