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How to Sell Life Insurance: Protective Life [Video]

How to Sell Life Insurance

Your job is to provide the best life insurance information to your clients.

You can’t do that if you’re not keeping up with life insurance producer training to keep you educated on what’s available. It’s important that you’re up-to-date on each carrier and their plans so that you can give your client a complete picture of their life insurance plan options.

Watch the video below, and learn about the many benefits of selling the products and solutions Protective Life offers. 

Keep reading afterward for a summary of the video.

It highlights facts you can share with your prospects or clients (such as their A+ rating since 1944) so you can sell life insurance effectively.

Keep reading after the video for more valuable information.


Sell Life Insurance by Being Well-Informed 

As the name states, Protective Life offers death-benefit-focused life insurance products. For example, no-lapse UL, term insurance, guaranteed VUL and guaranteed IUL.

One of the things that makes Protective Life so special is what they call the “virtuous cycle.” Not only do they sell life insurance, but they also buy life insurance companies.

In fact, they’re one of the largest acquirers of life insurance companies out there. This cycle of buying other insurance companies every few years is a benefit to their clients because it keeps the unit cost per policy low.

Part of your life insurance producer training is to understand why a carrier is a good choice for your client. When they ask you, “Why Protective Life?” you should be ready with an answer.

Protective Life has $856 billion in life insurance in place currently, which amounts to approximately 8.3 million contracts and policies.

When you’re selling life insurance and offering Protective Life, talk to your prospects about the longevity of the company and its rank among the top 10 life insurance companies. But size isn’t everything – they also have the positive ratings to back it up.

If you’d like more information or support as you’re offering Protective Life insurance to your prospects and clients, Leisure Werden & Terry is here to help.

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