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How to Determine How Much Life Insurance Your Client Needs (VIDEO)

Are you using the right approach calculate your client’s death benefit?

If you’re only using one of the two common methods to determine the face amount of a life sale, you may be missing out on where even more success lies.

Here are the approaches you’re probably relying on:

  1. Your prospect already knows how much coverage he needs.
  2. You suggest a face amount based on what you know about the client.

It’s not that these two approaches are wrong. In fact, many times they work.

But there’s a third way.

Watch the video to learn an easier way of determining how much life insurance your client needs. 

Keep reading below for the full transcript.


How Much Life Insurance Does Your Client Need?

Here's a question for you: Exactly how did you determine the face amount on your last life insurance sale?
Did your prospect tell you how much coverage they wanted to buy and you sold it to them? Or maybe you suggest a certain face amount based on your meetings and conversations?
Either way, the good news is you made the sale.
There's nothing wrong with either of those two approaches, but there's another method that may be more effective and can lead to larger life sales.
And that's by using a simple Life Insurance Needs Analysis Calculator.
Very few agents have been formally trained to do a life insurance needs analysis, but that's okay because we've made it really easy for you to determine exactly how much life insurance your prospect needs. Don't worry – there's no time-consuming training to learn how to do this because we put simple life insurance calculators on our website to give you the extra edge when you're selling life insurance.
It only takes about five to ten minutes to calculate the right amount your prospect should buy. You can do it for them or send them a link and they can run it themselves in four quick and easy steps. And even if your prospect purchases less than the amount you calculate, you've left the door open for additional sales in the future.
Using a life insurance needs calculator shows your prospect that they're working with the right trusted advisor, solidifying your relationship with them and reducing the chance of them getting a second opinion from someone else.
Check out our library of easy-to-use life insurance calculators.

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