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Selling Life Insurance: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s What You Know 

Okay. So we may have exaggerated. It’s both!

But you could get 1,000 people to talk to you about life insurance, but if you don’t know the right things, you could lose every. single. sale.

We’re keenly aware of this fact. With tens of decades of combined life insurance experience, LWT Agency has done it all. Sales. Underwriting. Processing. Training. You name it, we’ve been there. (And we're still there, for you!)

That’s why we’ve dedicated our blog to people like you who are in the trenches, looking to find and close your next case.

We cover critical topics like prospecting and sales strategies on our blog, but we also dedicate space to providing TRAINING you won’t find anywhere else and that will help you make more money.

This month, we combined a few of our top-performing blogs. You know, stuff that insurance producers like you really responded to, and we put them all right here. Kind of like a mini-training class on things you need to know.

Let’s dive in.

What Insurance Agents Need to Know Before Selling IUL and VUL

Do you struggle to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid!)  when selling Index Universal life (IUL) and Variable Universal Life (VUL)? It’s a real challenge NOT to overcomplicate things. But if you want to sell a policy, you have to know how to simplify their explanation. This blog helps you outline the purpose of each product and know why a consumer would be interested in buying them to help you hone your sales skills.



5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Naming a Beneficiary

Without the right information about naming a beneficiary, you could be steering your clients wrong  –  and risk losing them to another agent! The life insurance beneficiary designation advice you give clients will make or break the sale, your relationship and your future! Close up the areas where your sales process is vulnerable and help clients make good beneficiary decisions  –  ones that won’t come back later to bite them.



Alcohol, Drugs and Rock and Roll

Do you know the special ins and outs it takes to underwrite life insurance for people who have abused alcohol or used illegal drugs? If you wait until the underwriting process starts, the case will typically go south. Learn the unique approach it takes to get a case to sail through underwriting when the client has drug or alcohol abuse in his past.



Don’t Get Burned: Insurance Producer Contracting and Licensing Tips

It’s not just how you handle prospects that informs your career’s success, but it’s also about the behind-the-scenes factors  –  like licensing and contracting. Find out if you have covered all the bases with your business, and understand the differences between contracting versus licensing.


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