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5 Ways to Increase Life Insurance Sales With LinkedIn

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 6/13/16 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

Have you already joined the hundreds of thousands of life insurance producers who are already on LinkedIn?

I did!

We’re not only flocking to LinkedIn in droves, but we’re also quickly catching onto the best practices.

In fact, more than a third of insurance professionals are better connected to other users than the average user on the platform.

We’re also joining groups. More than a quarter of insurance producers turn to LinkedIn groups as a way to network and connect with prospects.

So what are you waiting for?

Using LinkedIn to increase life insurance sales

Here’s how to become a power LinkedIn user and target prospects, attract traffic and generate leads that turn into sales.

1. Update your profile regularly.

Sure, when you open your LinkedIn account, you’ll set it up as a one-time activity. But you can’t ignore your profile after that.

It needs continually “watering” to sow the seeds of relationship.

Did you receive an award? Update your profile!

Were you published in a magazine or online publication? Update your profile!

Any time you gain an experience, use it to your advantage and post it on your profile.

2. Use keywords.

When people open up LinkedIn and do a search, they use keywords – just like they would anywhere else on the web.

Your profile needs to be saturated with the right keywords in order to get noticed. Don’t worry, This part is easy. Just think about your niche: Is it life insurance? LTCI?

Use the phrases that best reflect your specialty – and the words that your clients would use (not necessarily what you would use) – throughout your profile.

3. Mix it up with media.

Don’t rely solely on text-based updates. Include other types of media in your profile and updates, such as SlideShares, PDFS, videos and images to attract views.

4. Get to know the right people.

Yes, even on LinkedIn you need to “meet” the right people.

They’re called “influencers,” and you want to connect with as many of them as you can. These thought leaders will not only help influence your own thoughts, selling tactics and so forth, but being connected to them will help expand your reach to their unique pool of followers.

5. Think like a publisher.

Everyone on LinkedIn can now publish a blog through their profile, making it one of the biggest opportunities to build your authority. Use the platform to create original content and grow your life insurance brand on LinkedIn.

Build your life insurance business with LinkedIn strategies that work

This guide to using LinkedIn should help prime your social selling tactics on the platform. Just remember to update your profile regularly, use keywords to attract the right people, mix it up with alternative media formats, get to know influencers, and publish original content on the site.

With these five keys, you’ll be off to a great start building your online presence and brand.

Now, go get “linked in” to sales.

And if you'd like some help? Get in touch with us today and let's talk!

How to increase life insurance sales on LinkedIn

  1. Update your profile regularly.
  2. Use keywords.
  3. Mix it up with media.
  4. Get to know the right people.
  5. Think like a publisher.

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