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How to Increase Life Insurance Sales

Sales are the lifeblood of your life insurance business. You’ve got to be a good business owner and great with people. But your ability to generate revenue depends on your sales skills, as well as the products you sell and the service you offer.

The art of selling is dictated by several factors. You’ll do well if you keep these in mind.

You’re in the people business. Not the selling business.

Don’t get so caught up in the selling of the products that you forget who you’re dealing with. It’s about the people.

Prospects want to be treated like they’re part of your family.

Consider your own experiences with great customer care. Perhaps you’ve been to the car dealership recently and were treated like royalty, which in turn, melted away the distrust you had for the salesperson. That experience becomes permanently engraved in your mind, right? And you’ll recommend that dealer to everyone who will listen to you.

It’s hard to get prospect’s attention these days, with all of the white noise vying for their insurance business. Once you get their attention, it’s just as hard to keep it.

But if you can give prospects and customers five-star treatment and treat each one like an individual, you’ll make huge progress.

Stay focused.

Don’t confuse your sales efforts for results. It’s easy to spin your wheels and waste time on non-essential activities. You won’t get results unless you’re in front of prospects and clients who will buy.

The key is to get their attention (use the tips above) and then showcase how your product will solve their problem.

So don’t fool yourself about busy work that won’t lead to results.

Be OK with discomfort.

Selling isn’t safe. You won’t always have warm and fuzzy feelings.

In fact, great salespeople are willing to be uncomfortable and take risks. They’ll walk on the tightrope, skydive  –  anything risky that will lead to a life insurance sale.

That means you have to be OK with connecting with tough customers, asking leads difficult questions, and being willing to close the deal. And not shrink into a corner when a prospect says “no.”

How often do you call on tough clients and prospects? Are they at the top of your list or the bottom? You won’t increase your sales without putting yourself in the position to do so.

Knock their socks off.

Have you thought about whether or not you “wow” your prospects and customers?

You can take a boring subject, like life insurance, and turn it into an experience that knocks the socks off your audience. When you meet with a client, make a difference in their life. Do something amazing. Bring your passion. Tell stories. Get interested in their lives. If they hold onto this special experience, you’ll have won a customer.


It may surprise you to know that the majority of life insurance salespeople never directly ask for the sale! Be ready to ask prospects and customers if they’re ready to pull the trigger. It won’t hurt anything. If they say no, take the opportunity to find out why they’re not ready  –  and then deliver that value. Then ask again.

The key to life insurance sales is to keep people at the forefront, stay focused, get uncomfortable, knock their socks off and ask for the sale. Give these tips a try and see how your business changes.

Which sales tip have you had success with?

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