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How to Get Your Case to Sail Through the Life Insurance Underwriting Process [Video]

Wouldn’t it be nice to get inside the mind of the underwriter on your case so you could ensure a higher case success rate?

If you’ve been in the business for any length of time, you’re familiar with the fact that the life insurance underwriting process can derail your case.

At any moment, the underwriter can flag an inconsistency and sidetrack the case – or worse, reject it entirely.

In this video, you’ll find out how script checks affect the life insurance underwriting process and how you can avoid red flags that hold up your case.

It all starts with educating your clients.

Watch the video now and check out the full transcript below.


A Script Check is an Important Part of Life Insurance Underwriting 

It's a very exciting moment when a prospect tells you they're ready to get started on an application for life insurance. But the last thing you need is a surprise during the underwriting process to derail your case. 

And that's why I'd like to tell you about script checks. Did you know that once your prospect’s application is submitted the carrier will order a detailed history of prescriptions that were previously filled by the applicant using a prescription drug database? Well they do, and the results will either move your case through underwriting or cause complications you can do without. 

You see, life carriers order script checks to avoid anti-selection, eliminate or reduce the need for ordering medical records, and improve their mortality results. So if your applicant claims that they only take this prescription but the database check shows they take all of these, well, your case will probably get sidetracked. 

Underwriters are looking for full disclosure and when they see inconsistencies, they look at your applicant very differently. So don't let your life insurance applicant be caught off guard. It's as simple as educating your prospect about script checks so that the information they disclose to you, the examiner, and the carrier matches what the carrier sees on these reports. It's simple and now you can say “Case approved!” 

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