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Don’t Miss Out on the Valuable Support of a Life Insurance General Agency 

A life insurance General Agency partners with insurance producers to offer guidance, assistance and support as they work with clients and insurance carriers.

There are some qualities you should look for when you’re deciding on a GA to work with.

This collection of articles and videos can give you a taste of how valuable a good GA is, as well as a glimpse of some client testimonials that shed light on what they can do for you!


Why You Should Work With a General Agency that Has “Solutions”

Your General Agency can help you to build your sales skills and increase your life insurance revenue. Our Solution Center is here to help you because we understand that it’s nearly impossible to specialize in multiple areas, but your clients will expect you to have the ability to give them sound advice in more than one discipline. We can offer you resources for services like long-term care insurance, disability income and annuities.

If you’d like to know more about our solution center, read the article here.


How Supportive is YOUR General Agency? [VIDEO]

When you work with a skilled General Agency, you have great support behind you! Listen to David’s experience with his GA providing him with valuable insights and walked him through a difficult case that ended with a sale for David and a win for his client. The same partnership, trust, expertise, and integrity that David was able to benefit from is available for you, too!


You’re Not Alone When You Have a Partner on All Your Life Insurance Cases [VIDEO]

You should never feel alone as an insurance producer. You won’t be without help when you’re aligned with a General Agency that can act as your back office, as Jessica describes in this video. Having support like this means you’re free to pursue leads and grow your business. LWT can help with pre-sale activity, case design, presentations, case processing or policy service so that you can focus on what you do best.

Watch the video...

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Do you have the support of a robust General Agency?

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