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Coronavirus Update: How to Help Your Life Insurance Clients

While social media and the news may feature consumers panic shopping for things like bread, toilet paper and water, others are concerned about life insurance.

This is NOT the kind of purchase you want to buy under pressure and when you’re scared. As a result, it’s a key time for you as a life insurance producer to be extremely helpful and offer your clients real value.

Out of a desire to protect their family and get their financial affairs in order, people are clamoring to purchase life insurance, according to this article by Forbes magazine, “Consumers Panic Shopping For Life Insurance In The Face Of Coronavirus.”

A simple Google search for “coronavirus and life insurance” returns several interesting questions about whether life insurance covers the coronavirus.

coronavirus life insurance google search

As consumer interest in life insurance products is heightened, here are some ways you can help your clients think through their options:

  1. Start calling your clients and ask if they have questions about their current coverage.
  2. Call people on your list that don’t have life insurance yet and offer to meet on a video call or over the phone to discuss options.
  3. Be a resource for your clients and offer your availability to answer any questions.
  4. Use social media and your website to post updates about the coronavirus, life insurance and any other helpful insurance questions.

As always, if you need help with a case opportunity, we’re here to help! We’re also communicating with our life insurance producers several times a week during the coronavirus restrictions to help them come up with creative ways to do business and be ready to help their clients.

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