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Choose a General Agency with the Resources You Need to Succeed

What resources should a General Agency offer?

A General Agency should offer these resources:

  1. Detailed information on specific carriers.
  2. Education and training.
  3. A policy evaluation program.
  4. Long-term care insurance.
  5. Informative blogs.
  6. A well-stocked digital library.

The insurance industry is tremendously specialized.

In order to grow your business, your clients will expect that you can give them the answers they need, no matter the area of specialty.

The problem is, it’s impossible for any one insurance producer to know the ins and outs of all of the varying disciplines.

You need help.

Finding the right General Agency to lend support with a full arsenal of resources is vital to the success of your business.

Here are the resources that a great General Agency should have available for you.


1. Carrier resources

Working with business owners can amp up your life insurance sales, but you have to understand how they think. Align yourself with a General Agency that can educate you in business insurance planning.

It’s also helpful for you to be provided with links to further resources for individual carriers. Having this kind of in-depth information at your fingertips allows you to better serve your clients.


2. Education and training

Your General Agency should care about your continuing education and training needs.

In addition to obtaining your required CE credits, you also need to stay on top of Anti-Money Laundering training and maintain E&O coverage.

A great GA has all the education training and resources you need in one convenient area for you to access easily.


3. Policy evaluation program

The changing landscape of life insurance can result in a policy not meeting your customer’s original objectives.

These shifts necessitate a review of the client’s policies.

LWT offers help with PEP (Policy Evaluation Program). You can use this program to help your customers understand the need for periodic review. The program highlights area that may need to be adjusted – in real numbers and with actual solutions.


4. Long-Term Care Insurance

This type of insurance can be a hard sell.

If you’re an insurance producer offering long-term care insurance, you probably know how helpful it would be to have some support from a General Agency with years of experience and expertise.

Having guidance through the sometimes-tricky process may be the difference between closing the deal and a prospect walking away without long-term care insurance.


5. Blogs

Blogs are valuable for a variety of reasons but, in terms of a General Agency, they provide another valuable resource about specialized topics.

They can cover a wide range of issues that are relevant to insurance producers, giving them answers to questions, solutions for issues and helping them to look at a problem from


6. Well-stocked digital library

What resources should a General Agency’s digital library include?

A General Agency’s digital library should include:

  1. Life insurance underwriting.
  2. Information for foreign nationals.
  3. A variety of life insurance calculators.
  4. Links to sources for education and training.

A great General Agency will have a full range of resources available to you.

Some of the important materials to offer are:

  • Life Insurance underwriting. Complicated cases can’t be left to chance. A seasoned, skilled underwriter can guide your case toward the best offer.
  • Information for foreign nationals. Individuals born outside the U.S. who are not United States citizens need life insurance planning strategies due to the tax challenges to which they are subject.
  • Various kinds of calculators are useful for helping your clients understand their need for insurance.
  • Links for education and training. Training is an important factor in a great General Agency. Staying up to date on the latest trends and information that’s available sets LWT apart from other agencies.

You should be able to find the answers to any questions you have through the General Agency’s website or through direct conversation with representatives.

The power of plentiful resources

You choose to work with a General Agency because you want the support and backup that they can provide.

With that in mind, select one that has many resources available to you, as the producer.

Your business thrives when you’re aligned with a General Agency that provides all that you need to serve your clients.

At Leisure, Werden & Terry, we’d love to chat with you about how we can be your “back office!” Give us a call today!

What resources do you see as the most important to you as you seek to provide the best for your clients?

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