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Life Insurance General Agency: Word of Mouth Is the Best Kind of Referral [Video]

You know things are going well when your business gets a raving review from a customer.

Well, at the LWT Agency, we’re still blushing from the kind words we received from a satisfied client.

If you’ve been looking for a life insurance General Agency to work with, consider these words from producer Gary and think about how your business could look.

Check out the video, read the transcript below, and then give us a call with your questions.

Watch the video.



“The reason I love, and literally love is the word, working with Leisure Werden & Terry: Number one, I like these guys. I like these gals. I like this whole office. These are people who actually care about what they do and who love what they do. 

Beyond that, they do it very well, whether it's Universal Life embedded with long-term care (a lot of what I do), standalone long-term care, you know, becoming an increasingly niche area – I need them. They helped me focus my individual clients and some of my group clients on which products are going to be best, how we're going to underwrite them, who's going to underwrite them, and where the pitfalls may be. And that's a big deal. 

Along the way, a personal favorite feature of mine is that the staff here will respond virtually immediately. I've literally built my practice on how fast I can respond to clients.

Why? Because that's what they want and I deliver that and they know that they can rely on me for that and I can rely on LWT for that.”

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