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6 Ways to Get More Accurate Life Insurance Quotes (Video)

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 12/20/16 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

How can you improve the accuracy of your life insurance quotes?

You can improve the accuracy of life insurance quotes by asking clients about:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Complete list of medications
  3. Height and weight
  4. Tobacco use (Type, frequency, and when they last used)
  5. History of alcohol or drug abuse
  6. Family history of heart disease or cancer

Accurate life insurance quotes are the gateway to a new sale.

They lead to a higher sales rate because ultimately, you won’t be leading your client astray with a quote that’s lower than what the carrier will actually offer.

While you may be tempted to quote the best rate class to lock out the competition and give your prospect a false sense of a good rate, don’t sacrifice accuracy for the sake of speed.

If you can get the quote right the first time around, it’ll make all the difference.

In our latest video, we’ll show you how you can improve the accuracy of a life insurance quote. 

Every time.

Watch the video now and keep reading for additional information.

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How to get more accurate life insurance quotes

I've got a few important tips to share with you to ensure you're getting the most accurate life insurance quotes for your prospects. 

We realized that speed matters when it comes to working with your prospects, but experience also tells us that getting it right the first time can make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to quotes. 

So, to improve accuracy in your next life insurance quote, here are a few things to know. 

It's nice to know your prospect’s age, but having their date of birth allows us to take advantage of any age last carriers to get the best pricing available. 

Next, provide us with a complete list of medications your prospect takes. Attain your prospect’s height and weight. Guessing usually doesn't work that well. 

Also, ask your prospect if they've ever used any tobacco products and, if so, get the type, frequency and date last used. Find out if there's any history of alcohol or drug use. It's best to know this upfront. 

Finally, ask your prospect about their family history, including any history of cancer or heart disease in their parents or siblings. This is a great step. 

We also have the perfect questionnaire to help you gather this information so you can give your prospect as accurate a quote as possible. Of course, you can easily run your own term or permanent quotes on our website, but if you prefer that we do it, we're happy to. 

The next time you need an accurate quote, give us a call first.

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