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5 Ways to Increase Life Insurance Sales Over the Holidays

How to increase life insurance sales over the holidays

  1. Keep a full schedule.
  2. Find existing clients in need of a service you haven't offered.
  3. Use the season to delight your clients.
  4. Ask for referrals for the new year.
  5. Create a strategy for follow-up after January 1.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in so many ways.

And while many industries are experiencing their biggest sales season, it’s often not as holly-and-jolly of a time for some life insurance producers.

Your clients and prospects are thinking about gifts and gatherings; the future beyond those special days isn’t on their radar.

But there are some specific ways you can keep things rolling, hit your goals, and keep revenue up.

Follow these tips to increase life insurance sales over the holiday season.

1. Keep a full schedule. 

The name of the game here is to stay busy with activities that will prevent your business from losing momentum.

While this time of year is filled with distractions, your life insurance business tasks can take a backseat. 

But less activity equals fewer sales and there’s nothing merry about that.

Be intentional about scheduling time for prospecting and following-up. It’s also a great opportunity for adding a lot of calls to your calendar each day.

Giving yourself a daily goal will help motivate you. For example, set the number of calls you want to make each day, the number of prospects you want to follow-up with each week, etc.

Don’t forget to block off important time with the family, too. You can do the memory-making holiday activities AND increase life insurance sales at the same time.

2. Find existing clients in need of a service you haven’t offered.

Think about cross-selling opportunities. 

Could one of your clients benefit from long-term insurance? Maybe disability insurance is a great fit for someone else. 

Do you have any business owners who might need Key Person life insurance, or maybe a review of their buy-sell agreement (they do have one, don't they?!). 

Maybe make a favorable introduction for one of your clients to an insurance associate who works in areas you don't.

Spend a little time during this season making sure you’re offering your clients everything they need, reinforce their trust in you, and boost your holiday revenue in the process.  

3. Use the season to delight your clients.

One way to increase life insurance sales during such a busy time is to give your clients a little extra attention.

This is a great opportunity to show them how much you appreciate their business. 

Whether it’s a small gift or even just a holiday card, the gesture will make your clients feel confident they made the right choice in trusting their life insurance needs to you.

4. Ask for referrals for the new year.

Everyone feels a little charitable around the holidays, right? 

It’s a great time to ask your loyal clients to refer you to a friend or family member who wants or needs to get their financial affairs in order in the new year.

Consider sending out a simple request like this:

“Don and Sue, I really appreciate you choosing to let me help you find the best life insurance policy to help you prepare for retirement. As the end of the year approaches, do you have any friends or family members who are interested in the same kind of service you’ve received? Who can you think of that would benefit?”

This is one of the simplest ways to increase life insurance sales at any time of the year.

5. Create a strategy for follow-up contact after January 1.

It’s not too early to make a plan for converting prospects into clients in the new year.

Be strategic in your conversations so that you hit the ground running.

Here’s how:

Get a commitment as early as possible

A great rule of thumb is to never let your prospect end a call without nailing down a time that you’ll be speaking again. 

Shoot for the beginning of January, not the end. Putting it off too long greatly increases the chances that you won’t hear from them again.

Use your Google calendar

Set up your next meeting time in your Google calendar and send your prospect and invitation. If it’s not accepted right away, call them back to confirm on the same day.

Clients and prospects alike need to know that your time is valuable.

Reminders are essential

As the day of your appointment gets closer, send an email or text reminder. 

Of course, always be friendly but also adopt a tone that lets the prospective client know that you’re assuming they’ll keep the meeting.

Keep prospects engaged between meetings

In between your first contact and your next call, send an email with a link to a blog post from your website that is relevant to the potential client’s situation.

It’ll keep you – and their need for life insurance – at the top of their mind AND their inbox.

Increase life insurance sales during the busiest time of year

With a little prep work, you can keep your life insurance business thriving throughout the holiday season.

Keep your schedule full, find ways to upsell your current clients, show your gratitude, ask for referrals and create a solid strategy for tackling the new year.

And don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the season with your family and friends.

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